ssc cgl gs (English) mock test 1

General Awareness




1.     1. The power to settle all electoral disputes (except the election of President and Vice-President) under       the Representation of the People Act is vested in?

     a) High Court                                                   

     b) Parliament

     c) Supreme Court                                              

     d) Election Commission


     According to Article 327 of the Constitution of India, the power to settle all election disputes                  (except  the election of President and Vice-President) under the Representation of the People Act is         vested in the High Court.

2.        2. In which of the following months the popular festival ‘Kambala’ is organised in Karnataka region         of  India?

 A) April                                                        

 B) January

       C) November                                               

       D) August

      Ans C

 Kambala events begin after the paddy harvest is done, which is usually during the month of November. Kambála events are held in various parts of Tulu nadu (Tulu speaking regions in South Canara districts) between November and March. 

3.       3. After returning from South Africa Mahatma Gandhi established his first Ashram in Sabarmati in            which of the following years?

      A) 1916                                                              

      B) 1915

      C) 1917                                                              

      D) 1918

Ans B

On his return from South Africa, Gandhi's first Ashram in India was established in the Kochrab area of Ahmedabad on 25 May 1915 known as Satyagraha Ashram. The Ashram was then shifted on 17 June 1917 to a piece of open land on the banks of the river Sabarmati.

4.         4. Esters are -

      A) Bitter substances                                                              

      B) Sweet smelling substances

      C) Salty in taste                                                                     

      D) Poisonous substance


Esters are sweet-smelling substances which are used to make perfumes. The process in which a carboxylic acid reacts with an alcohol to form an ester is called esterification. An ester is formed when ethanol (alcohol) reacts with ethanoic acid, on heating, in the presence of a few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid.

5.       5. The term’Caddie’ is related to which of the following sports?

      A) Chess                                                          

      B) Football

     C) Golf                                                             

      D) Hockey


Sports and relative terminology

Golf - Hole, Bogey, Put, Stymie, Caddie, Tee, Links, Putting the green.

Chess    - Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate, Check

Football - Dribble, Off-Side, Penalty, Throw-in, Hat-Trick, Foul, Touch, Down, Drop Kick, Stopper

Hockey - Bully, Hat-Trick, Short corner, Stroke, Striking Circle, Penalty corner, Undercutting, Scoop, Centre forward, Carry, Dribble, Goal, Carried.

6.     6. Which of the following states  has the lowest population according to the 2011 census of India?

    A) Mizoram                                                                     

    B) Nagaland

    C) Goa                                                                              

    D) Sikkim


State with the lowest population-Sikkim

State with the highest population -Uttar Pradesh

State with the highest population density-Bihar

State with the lowest population density-Arunachal Pradesh

The Union territory with the least population is Lakshadweep.

Union territory with least population-Lakshadweep

7.      7. Which of the following dynasties was the predecessor of Lodi dynasty?

     a) Mamluk                                                 

     b) Khilji

     c) Tughlaq                                                   

     d) Sayyad


   Chronology of dyansties

    1.Slave or Mamluk (1206-1290)-Founder-Qutb-Al -Din Ibaq.

    2.Khilji-(1290-1320)-Founder-Jalal-ud-din Khilji


    4.Sayyad-(1414-1451)-Founder -Khizr Kha


8.       8. Xylem and Phloem are the examples of which of the following types of tissues?

     a) Permanent simple tissue                                    

     b) Permanent complex tissue

     c) Meristematic apical tissue                                  

     d) Meristematic lateral tissue

Ans B

Permanent complex tissues are the tissues which are made for different types of cells. For example - Xylem and Phloem.

9.      9. Under which of the following five year plans ‘National Family Planning Programme’ started?

     a) First                                                                                 

    b) Second

    c) Third                                                                                

    d) Fifth


India was the first country in the world to have launched a National Programme for Family Planning in 1952. With its historic initiation in 1952, the Family Planning Programme has undergone transformation in terms of policy and actual programme implementation. 

10      10.What was the rank of India in the medal tally in the recently held Commonwealth Games 2022 ?

        a) 5th                                                                                  

        b) 6th

        c) 3rd                                                                                   

        d) 4th


Team India finished fourth on the medals tally in 22nd edition of the Commonwealth Games , behind Australia (178 medals), England (176 medals) and Canada (92 medals).

Overall, Indian athletes won 22 gold, 16 silver and 23 bronze medals, for a total of 61 medals.

11       11.Which of the following is not a form under Hindustani music?


        b) Dadra


        d) Alpana


The major vocal forms of Hindustani music are Dhrupad, Khayal, Tarana, Thumri, Dadra and Gazals whereas Alpana  is a form of manodharmam, or improvisation, that introduces and develops a raga (musical scale) in carnatic music.

12   12. Flame cell found in Platyhelminthes acts like which of the followings?

 a)      a) Lungs                                                            

          b) Kidney

    c) Heart                                                             

    d) Stomach


The simplest freshwater invertebrates, such as flatworms, rotifers, and nemerteans, are the only ones without specialised excretory cells; these organisms are known as flame cells. Similar to a kidney, flame cells act to remove waste. Protonephridia are collections of flame-producing cells.

13    13.  Under monopolistic competition, there are many sellers who offer-

a)           a) differentiated products                                                    

              b)  homogenous products

              c) Both (a) and (b)                                                                

             d)  None of above


There are four types of competition in a free market system: perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly. Under monopolistic competition, many sellers offer differentiated products—products that differ slightly but serve similar purposes.

14    14.  Spheroidal carbonaceous particles (SCPs) are microscopic particles which are components of-

       a) Fly ash                                                                      

       b) Photochemical smog

       c) Acidification of ocean                                               

       d) All of abov


Spheroidal carbonaceous particles (SCPs) are microscopic particles that are produced as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels and are found in fly ash. In an Antarctic ice core, SCPs have been discovered for the first time.

15    15.  Bull and Bear term is related to -

   a) Stock market                         

   b) Bullion market

   c) Manufacturing market          

   d) All of above


Bull and bear is related to stock market. A bull is someone who buys securities or commodities in the expectation of a price rise, or someone whose actions make such a price rise happen. A bear is the opposite—someone who sells securities or commodities in expectation of a price decline.

16    16.  Inland Waterways Authority of India set up in the year-

        a) 1995                                                                          

       b) 1986

       c) 2001                                                                          

       d) 1988


   The Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) came into existence on 27th October 1986 for

    development and regulation of inland waterways for shipping and navigation

17    17.  Begar work,Human trafficking and forced labour is prohibited under which of the fundamental              right? 

a)           a) Right to Equality                                                               

              b) Right to Freedom

        c) Right against Exploitation                                                 

        d) Right for Constitutional remedies


According to Fundamental Rights article 23 Human trafficking, beggar work, and other similar forms of forced labour are illegal, and anyone found in violation of this rule faces legal sanctions.

18   18.  Who has been appointed as the first woman Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of the                   Power   Finance Corporation (PFC)?

       A)Nallathemby kalaiselvi                        

       B) Renuka choudhary

       C) Madhuri puri                                      

        D) Parminder Chopra

Ans (D)

Parminder Chopra is  the first woman to be appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of the Maharatna company PFC the name has been  recommended by Public Enterprise Selection Board as the next CMD of India's largest NBFC by networth (all reserves).

19    19.  Turner’s syndrome disease is mainly affects-?

a)          a) Animals                                                                 

             b) Male

             c) Female                                                                   

             d) Bird


Turner’s syndrome female only genetic disorder that affects about 1 in every 2,000 baby girls.

Down's syndrome - when an extra chromosome is added to 21st autosomal chromosomes this lepetid to developing down's syndrome.

Patau's syndrome - this type of syndrome is developed by addition of an autosomal chromosome in the 13th chromosome. There is a cut mark in the lip and the person is mentally retarded

20  20Which day is observed as National Voter’s day

      a) 25 January                                                                 

      b) 26 November

      c) 11 July                                                                       

      d)  1 June

Ans (a)

25 January-National Voter’s day

2 October- International Non-Violence day

11 July-World Population day

1      June- World Milk day

22  21. The Chief Minister of Odisha has launched which programme in the state to take the culture of                football to the grass root level?

   a) Football for better future                          

   b) Football for all

  c) Football for Growth                                   

  d) Football for Food


The program 'Football for all'has been launched by FIFA in Odisha in partnership with Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) and Kalinga Institute of Social Projects (KISS). Share protocol to more than 43 thousand football children in about 2000 schools. This is the first such program of FIFA in India which aims to promote football among children.

23  22. Dilip Mahalnabis who has been recently awarded Padam Vibhushan is associated with-

 a) Yellow fever vaccine                                        

 b) Malaria medicine

 c) ORS development                                             

 d) COVID vaccination

Ans (c)

Dr. Dilip Mahalanabis developed the Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) therapy as a quick, efficient treatment for dehydration. Dr. Mahalanabis, who was born on November 12th, 1934 in West Bengal, studied in Kolkata and London. He then joined the Johns Hopkins University International Centre for Medical Research and Training in Kolkata in the 1960s and conducted research on oral rehydration therapy there.

During the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, Dr. Mahalanabis developed ORS while working in overcrowded refugee camps.

Chhattisgarh’s most famous and popular folk plays are Chandaini-Gonda, Sonha-Bihan, Lorik-Chanda,

Kari, Hareli, Gammatiha, Maopaata and Bhata Naat. Rahas is a modern folk drama of Chhattisgarh

24   23.   Which of the following statements is/are correct about the Mahalwadi System ?

1. It was introduced in Punjab and Central India.

2. It was introduced by Munro and Charles Reed.

3. It declared Zamindars as the owners of land and hence they could keep 1/11 th of the total revenue collected.

  A) only 1                                                                       

  B) 1 & 2

  C) only 2                                                                       

  D) 2 & 3


The Mahalwari System was first implemented by the Englishman Holt Mackenzie in Bengal's North-Western Provinces in the year 1822.Later, it extended to the Central Province of British India, Agra, Punjab, the Gangetic Valley, the North-West Frontier, etc.

In permanent settlement or Istamarari bandobast land revenue system - zamindars were declared as the owners of land and hence they could keep 1/11 th of revenue collected to themselves. It was introduced in Bihar, Bengal and Odisha.

 The Ryotwari system was introduced in Bombay and Madras by Munro and Charles Reed

25   24.  The capacity of doing a work is measured in-

       a) Watt                                                                          

       b) Joule

       c) Coulomb                                                                    

       d) Ampere


The capacity to do work is called energy and it is measured in joules.

Electric current is measured in amperes

voltage is measured in coulombs

power is measured in watts

  25. Which of the following is considered as the secondary pollutant?

     A) Sulphur dioxide                                               

      B) Benzene

     C) Formaldehyde                                                

     D) Carbon monoxide


   Primary pollutants are directly emitted from the sources. Examples of primary pollutants are carbon

    monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and benzene. Secondary pollutants are formed from the

    combination of primary pollutants with some other compound. Examples of secondary pollutants            are Ozone, Formaldehyde, PAN (peroxy acetyl nitrate) and Smog.








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